Moleskine Sales Kit

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones...

In a digital world, you might be suprised to hear that traditional notebooks are becoming increasingly popular. Despite technological advancements, millenials, and in fact consumers of all ages, still want to use pen and paper. So make the most of this fact and present your audience with the very best... a Moleskine!


At SPS, we want to give you all of the tools you need, to promote Moleskine products to your customers. To help you, we’ve compiled all of our Moleskine product information into one excel document, which also includes our recommended selling prices for your customers.

To download this file, simply click on the link below:

Download latest Product Information (MS Excel) (24KB) 




We’ve also compiled all of our Moleskine image library into one zipped folder, so you have easy access to our product images, for any of your marketing requirements.

To download this folder, simply click on the link below:

Download the complete collection of product images from the Moleskine range (Zip file) 162MB



We have a host of additional marketing tools to help you generate sales of Moleskine products, including the Moleskine Custom Editions online catalogue. To view this online catalogue, please click on the image below:


Moleskine Custom Editions


We're also delighted to provide you with a selection of end user emails to use for your own marketing campaigns. To download the end user PDF version, simply click on the image below:


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