About our Drinkware Certification

Your brand is in safe hands


We know that product safety is a priority when ordering promotional products, so we've taken all the steps to ensure this for you.


responsible manufacturing

COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)

ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) We have access to all master safety data sheets on all raw materials and their suppliers, ensuring products contain no SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern)





responsible manufacturing



CE (European Conformity)

All products in this catalogue comply with current essential requirements of the relevant European Health, Safety and Environmental protection legislation.




responsible manufacturing



All products supplied as recycled contain the maximum recycled material content allowable to retain the integrity required for the product and specification. Recycled content is product dependent and we can guarantee that any specific requirement is maintained by careful control and monitoring of the process.




responsible manufacturing



Our manufacturing facility complies with the following legislation on all food contact materials:

• European Legislation 1935/2004
• European Legislation 10/2011 Plastics
• European Legislation 84/500/EWG Release of Metals

European Legislation 1935/2004 requires that materials do not:
• Release their constituents into food at levels harmful to human health.
• Change food composition, taste and odour in an unacceptable way.