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We know that product safety is a priority when ordering promotional products, so we've taken all the steps to ensure this for you.


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responsible manufacturing

Responsible manufacturing

We love responsible manufacturing and our manufacturing facility operates a zero-to-landfill policy for its waste production materials. The majority of plastics waste is recycled and reused in house. Any other waste material is used for energy generation programmes in the local area.



responsible manufacturing



Our manufacturing facility is ISO9001 compliant and continually monitors and manages quality across all its operations.



responsible manufacturing


Our manufacturer is committed to ethical trading and demonstrates its conformity to ethical trading standards and accreditations to guarantee peace of mind.





responsible manufacturing


(Registration Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals 2006/1907/EC)

Our manufacturing facility fulfils all the obligations under REACH obligations. Our products do not contain any SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern), listed in the Candidate List with a concentration greater than 0.1% (w/w). We continue to check our suppliers comply with REACH requirements for all raw materials and substances used.